Asking the Wizard for Courage

I have said this before and I’ll say it again…a good piece of music moves me deep in my soul!  I don’t know if it’s my Southern roots or my Christian upbringing, but regardless of where it came from, I value the treasures I find in a song that rocks me to my core.

I love to listen to a song for many reasons:  for its bone-shaking rhythm, its heart-rattling lyrics, its soul-moving chorus, its stop-you-in-your-tracks melody.  I love just about every kind of music, and I don’t care where I am – church, the car, the mall, wherever – I let that melody unashamedly work me…and yes, I dance like no one is watching, and often!

Many times I don’t absorb the true meaning of a song the first or even the second time through.  Who does really?  We hear something, we know we like it, we jam, and that’s good enough for us.  Other times a song strikes me immediately, with words that draw me immediately in to the artist’s meaning, as if I were right there, during their heartache and loss, their jubilation during their experience, each powerful step of the creative process.

Today I was listening to some of my recent favorite tunes as I worked on laundry, and I found a song I’ve listened to several times before, but until today, apparently never really heard.   Because if I had heard it before today, I would have immediately known it was my ‘swan song’ – the epitome of where I’ve come from 2 years ago.  Listen…

I would have followed ‘him’ anywhere.  I loved him, and I would have stayed forever, had he not told me we were done.  Unfortunately he didn’t have the courage to finish what he started, or even have that conversation.  And that is where my need for courage came in.  Realizing I could stand up, step up, walk away – because he would not.  This song – so powerful – so perfect.  Looking back…while so difficult, is so liberating.  I would have stayed…forever.  But I didn’t.

I won’t speak to his current status, but me – I am so much to the better for that giant step of courage.  And I haven’t stopped dancing since…