Two more wake ups, Baby Girl, and then…


My oldest daughter graduates from high school this week, and the word ‘proud’ doesn’t begin to encompass all that I feel for her.  She has been going to school for the last 16 years, an adventure of epic proportion.

Absolutely nothing in her life has come easy, from her meager beginnings to each new ‘label’ she receives.  As challange upon challange is heaped atop her, my soul crushes a bit more from the weight she must bear, knowing full-well that in an instant I would trade places with her, shouldering the burden she has been hand chosen to face.

But instead I have tried my best to share my Strength, my Foundation, my Rock with her – and she knows Him well.  When she is sick, she asks me to ‘pray to Jesus’ to make her feel better; when she is imaginative, she asks me if she can ‘pray to Jesus’ to make her this character or that character when she dies; when someone is sad, she comforts them by telling them God will take care of them.  She knows who she is and where she’s headed – even though her goals don’t include a 4-year diploma – she’s certainly on scholarship to the Streets of Gold.

In recent years just getting my Baby to school has been all-consuming.  Some semesters she had more days absent than present – or present in body but not in mind.  We’d make a ‘deal’…5 days…5 days of school, then a surprise.  Whole semesters would tick away 5 days at a time.  Then it was ‘only 1 year left…’, ‘almost Christmas’, ‘4 months…’

And now here we are…2 more wake-ups, 2 more bus rides, 2 more sets of uniforms…and then what happens?

At dinner today, my Baby Girl reassured me as she was assuring herself that she will always be my Baby and live with me.  As long as she is healthy and happy, I am good with my Roommate for Life.